Since that day that Mika joined the first division of the MWPSB as an inspector, Akane thought that she will be preoccupied to think of anything else other than work. She thought that being the inspector training the newbie just like Ginoza did with her before would make her forget about the past eventually.


Every single thing she thought was wrong.

Yes, she always missed the scent, and her senses always craved for it too, but she never thought that there would be this time that smelling the scent of those cigarettes when Shion exhaled was not enough anymore. She never thought of inhaling them directly even once, but now she had to. She did, before her hue could even get cloudy.

"Maybe this is enough."

Akane wasn’t used to inhaling cigarettes. She thought it was uncomfortable, and that was all she could think of as she tapped the stick and watched the ashes fall down to the ashtray.

It wasn’t enough.

She inhaled the stick for one last time because she thought once again that maybe it would intoxicate her if she did, but cigarette sticks can never be disguised as a kiss.

The scent that smelled like home will never be enough. She needed his full lips against hers. She needed Shinya by her side.

Storm’s Heart

Beating. Rapidly. That is the rhythm of his heart whenever he sees him. Not only when he is around, but also whenever he closes his eyes, he sees him too. The fact that he sees images of the male who has brown, spiky hair and chocolate orbs that gaze innocently whenever he closes his eyes makes him frustrated at the same time.

Gokudera smokes as he stands by the door at the rooftop of Namimori Middle School. The look in his emerald orbs are unfathomable as he stares at the blue sky as it gets covered by the floating clouds.

Tsuna is the sky —The sky who held all, but Gokudera wishes that someday the sky whom he loves so much will also hold the storm’s heart.


Akane’s jellyfish-like companion didn’t have to remind her about this day anymore because she already knew it very well. She didn’t have to think anymore; that was how well she knew it.

Kougami Shinya’s birthday.

This time was supposed to be his first time to celebrate his day of birth with her, if ever he did celebrate it, but he had left the MWPSB. This day too would’ve been special if he had stayed, because Akane wanted to make him the happiest on his birthday, but all that’s left with her now is the farewell letter she received from him, and memories made together within a short period of time.

Her tears dropped once again on the farewell letter as she read his last words and reminisced the times she had with him. Usually, she would talk with Masaoka when she had problems with Kougami, but he was gone too and she knew she had to move on.

"Happy birthday, Kougami-san." she uttered while looking up in the sky, and just like each day, she left for work to protect the laws and bring justice to the society.

Together was ephemeral, but love was not and would last.



Otanjoubi omedetou, Kougami-san!

Title: Memento
Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)
Characters: Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman (Eremika)
Summary: The only remembrance he has with him is the painful reminder of his broken promise.


Mikasa’s red scarf that fell on the ground that night is the only thing he has now.

He gave her the scarf back when they were still young, when he promised her that he will always protect her. He promised that he will be her shield, but he failed during that fateful night when all he did was fall behind her instead of being the protector he promised to be.

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She meets Ichimaru again in her slumber.

The earliest memory of him that she carries with her is when he told her his name: Gin. She still thinks it is a strange name, like how she first heard it with his voice coming from his lips during their childhood. Back then, she smiled back and said that her name is Matsumoto Rangiku.

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All That Mattered

As a shinigami, she barely had the time to do the things she wanted to do —drawing was one.

Rukia treasured it every time she got the chance to hold a pen and draw anything on a piece of paper. She knew deep inside that her drawings looked bad, but she would keep telling herself that she just didn’t have the time to practice. She was a frustrated artist.

Ichigo would always insult her when she made an artwork, but he would still give her sketch pads and pencils because he would see Rukia’s smile when he did. Seeing her happy was all that mattered to him.


~ Shishio-sensei Week, Day 7: Wild Card

A/N: This explains whatever was unexplained in my Day 6 entry. (^_^)

Years have passed, and Shishio finally realizes that he can’t live his life waiting for Suzume.

Tsubomi is the wild card —the choice he takes when he eventually have forgotten about Suzume, because he is the one who taught him how to love.

The stars are bright when he kneels in front of Tsubomi with a small box that contains their promise of eternal love. She says yes, and he wears the silver ring around her finger.

Shishio loves Tsubomi, but Suzume is still his daytime shooting star that he can’t hold onto forever.

In Ten Years

~ Shishio-sensei Week, Day 6: Sensei in Ten Years

Shishio is thirty-six. He and his former students and a few teachers meet once again in a high school reunion of salutations and small talks of flashbacks during their middle school days.

He is happy to see his students who grew up well. Some just shyly greet him, and those who are close to him ask if he is already married; but he hesitates to say he is when he sees the student who used to be his girlfriend, who has an undeniably joyful smile painted on her face as she held hands with his former male student whom the girl dated after him.

Suzume’s hair isn’t braided, and she smiles at her former homeroom teacher and boyfriend without regret in her eyes. Shishio smiles back because he cannot say that he wants her back.

In ten years, he had forgotten, but he never stopped loving.

What She Loved

~ Shishio-sensei Week, Day 5: Favorite Thing About Sensei

Before Shishio broke up with her, there was one time during one of their ‘girl-talks’ when Yuyuka asked what Suzume loved about their homeroom teacher.

There were a lot. She didn’t respond to Yuyuka right away, because she had to think about it.

"I love how Sensei doesn’t mind being a laughing matter. He still wears that sushi-printed necktie even though everyone in the class would laugh at him."


~ Shishio-sensei Week, Day 4: Sensei in a Costume

A raccoon costume cannot disguise their relationship forever.

At lunch, Shishio would go to the rooftop of the school and reminisce everything. He always remembered that time when he wore that raccoon costume, just to be with Suzume, because he simply wanted to.

He had worn a ridiculous costume just to be with her, but he couldn’t even tell why he could not do anything to keep her.